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You can download the latest Khromian ISO image here. This is suitable for burning onto USBs, blank DVDs, or any other large bootable storage medium. The latest build is "2109-9", generated on 2021-09-13.

Please note: Some of the branding has not yet been updated for the 2021 redesign, leading to some aesthetic inconsistency.

Secure Boot must be disabled to boot and install Khromian.

In the live environment, your username is "user" and your password is "live", which you may need to type if the screen locks.

- Download Khromian 2109-9 (64-bit, 2.1GiB)

SHA-256: 89375aa1adf6e232dd7b5d86433a6fefd71d1396c4aada24be71e5096ad6777f

- Torrent for Khromian 2109-9

Already on Linux? Slow download? Use Aria2!

Install the aria2 package and then run "aria2c -x 16 <url>" to open multiple connections and get higher throughput with long-distance downloads.

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